LIRA soft

This is a team of highly qualified experts, design-engineer, calculators, analysts and developers who possess advanced technologies and methods of programming, innovative approaches to design and calculations.
LIRA 10 software package is a BIM-level complex for the numerical study of the strength and stability of structures, buildings and structures by the finite element method. LIRA 10 allows you to quickly get an answer about the reliability of the adopted design solutions.


SCAD Office is an advanced system of new generation, designed by engineers for engineers and developed by a team of skillful programmers. The system includes a high-performance computational software SCAD and a number of design and accessory programs that enable one solve problems of analysis and design of steel and concrete structures on an integrated basis. Company are constantly developing the SCAD system, improving user’s interfaces and computational capabilities, adding new design components.


Nowadays NSUACE (Sibstrin) is a large educational and scientific establishment providing training of specialists for the construction industry of Russia. The University carries out researches in various fields: mechanics of solids, fluid mechanics, CAD systems, nanotechnology, winter concreting technology and developments for mechanization of construction.
The University has gained universal recognition. Sibstrin has been awarded a number of national and international prizes, including «The Leader of Russian Economy», «The American Golden Certificate of International Prestige», the gold medal of «SOCIETE D’ENCOURAGEMENT POUR L’INDUSTRIE NATIONALE» (The Association for Encouraging Industrial Development), «European Grand Prix for Quality «. Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin) is a member of the European Civil Engineering Education and Training (EUCEET) Association.

Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The scientific research of the Institute is applied in areas such as aviation and rocket technology, space research, instrument engineering, robotics and mechatronics, geophysics and mining, tribotechnology, nanotechnology, biomechanics, astrophysics.

At present, the research laboratories of the Institute carry out fundamental research on a wide range of problems in mechanics and related disciplines under the Basic Research Program of the State Academies of Sciences, within the framework of Federal and target programs, and under programs of international scientific cooperation and under agreements with various organizations in Russia and abroad.